Mason Cash In The Meadow Green Mug

Mason Cash In The Meadow Green Mug

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With its 400ml capacity, you can let your sourdough starter rise in the mug or use it to store milk for making homemade cottage cheese, for example. It is just as good for making tea or as a breakfast mug for white coffee or cocoa. The mug is decorated with a reactive glaze featuring contrasting daisies, meadow flowers, and flying butterflies to fit in with the concept of the In the Meadow collection. The precise work is reminiscent of the linocut technique.

Enjoy baking and dining with an icon whose tradition of production dates back to 1901, when the pottery Mason Cash created the first-ever pottery bowl, whose shape and design have withstood the ravages of time to become a design classic. Let the blooming meadow and genius loci of the English original permeate your kitchen, the floral elegance of the collection is characterised by embossed flowers in a beautiful palette of colors, from soft pastels to decadent purples.

- Diameter: 8 cm

- height: 14 cm

- volume: 0,4 l

- dishwasher safe

- microwave-safe